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Camaro Live Wires

Performance Distributors LiveWires� come with a space age, heat resistant sleeving that
provides superior protection to the plug wires from the extreme underhood temperatures
generated by the exhaust. The sleeving is a non-flammable heat treated glass braid, much
like the type used on todays ovens. The unique sleeving on the LiveWires provides heat
protection up to +1400� F and offers excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals.

LiveWires are custom fit, so no assembly is required. Each wire is numbered on both ends
for the correct cylinder making installation, removal and re-installation quick and easy. No
cutting, splicing or crimping is required like other aftermarket wire sets. Some applications
are available for both over the valve covers and under the headers.

LiveWires have a durable and long lasting silicone jacket and insulation. Heat shrink applied
between the boot and the sleeving keeps dirt and moisture away from wire terminals. Dielectric
grease is included with all sets and should be applied to the spark plug boots to prevent
voltage leakage and keep wire terminals and boots from sticking to the plug.

LiveWires are a spiral core wire which means they have a stainless steel wire wrapped
around a magnetic core. This is a suppression type wire so there is no electronic interference
with the radio or computer and they work well with delay boxes and stutter boxes. A spiral
wound core also offers extremely low resistance of 300 - 350 Ohms per foot for optimum spark




Price: $109.99

Camaro Livewires Set

Choice of Blue or Red


Price: $139.99

Camaro Livewires Silver Set







Now available is our new line of SOS (Sultans Of Spark) Coils for the -2010-2013 Chevy Camaros LS/VORTEC engines. These hot new coils are packed with additional voltage over the stock coils to help produce more power, better throttle response, quicker starting and smoother idle! The new LS SOS Coils have 7000 more volts per coil to be exact and this additional spark energy will fire plug gaps up to .065″. Larger plug gaps expose more spark in the combustion chamber for an increased burn of the fuel mixture thus giving your LS extra performance and better fuel efficiency. Our design team has used the latest technology to enhance the coil windings for higher output, yet maintained the original size so the coils will mount in the OEM bracket and retain the factory wiring. LS SOS Coils are fully compatible with flash devices and programmers. Superior thermal epoxy leads to improved heat transfer and vibration resistance. Brass terminals are utilized for improved conduction and resistance to corrosion. LS SOS Coils have a one year warranty from date of purchase.
  • Open Plug Gaps to .065″
  • Increased Fuel Burn
  • Mounts In OEM Location
  • Compatible w/ Flash Devices & Programmers
  • 65350 LS SOS Coils - Set of 8 (Triangular)
  • Price: $499.00


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