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Performance Chips And Tuners



Camaro Hypertech Max Energy Programmer

Hypertech Max Energy Programmer for 2010-11 Camaro SS V8 6.2L GAS FI.
Max Energy Tuning extracts every bit of energy possible out of every molecule of fuel giving you more miles at part-throttle and and more power at wide-open throttle. In order to increase engine efficiency, horsepower and torque, our engineers first optimize the spark and fuel curves point by point over the entire rpm band. In addition, Hypertech’s exclusive Transmission/Converter Programs in every power programmer to further increase fuel mileage by lowering automatic transmission shift points and locking the torque converter at lower speeds to average less.
engine revs - intake strokes - friction and pumping losses and - fuel wasting torque converter slippage.
With the additional power and optimized transmission functions, drivers use less fuel to accelerate and maintain cruising speeds without the torque converter un-locking and transmission down-shifting to a lower gear. The results are maximum power and fuel mileage.Max Energy...The Best Hand held Performance Tuner On The Market!

General Features

  • The Hypertech Max Energy Programmer unlocks every ounce of power in your vehicle
  • Custom-tuned for your specific year, make, model and engine
  • Fuels diesel rigs with up to 176hp beyond stock
  • Packs up to 57hp extra into the pedal of gas-fueled rides
  • Vehicles testing the Max Energy experienced gains of up to 1.5 to 6 MPG
  • Expertly tuned across the power band for extra juice at any RPM
  • Mapped to keep damaging temps low without de-fueling that kills power
  • Engineered to thrill—even when towing up to 10,000lbs.
  • Optimized transmission settings always have you in the right gear
  • Corrects odometer and speedometer settings for up to 54" tires
  • Raises the top speed limiter and rev limiter of many vehicles
  • Reads and clears trouble codes
  • Loaded with programming for regular or premium fuel for most vehicles
  • Equipped with a USB connector and cable for quick updates and new tunes
  • Simple controls and prompts - only 4 buttons to push
  • Installs programming in as little as 10 minutes
  • Your Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer is covered by Lifetime Warranty 

Price: $379.99

Hypertech Max Energy Programmer


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Camaro HyperTech Speedometer Calibrator 2010 Up Camaro SS

If you’re running non-stock tires, HyperTech Speedometer Calibrator can correct the speedometer and odometer for tires up to 54 inches (for most applications). This device is engineered for the speedometer recalibration functions of the Max Energy Programmer, but without the additional expense of the other tuning features. The Speedometer Calibrator also comes with a USB cable and a CD containing software to enable quick updates and upgrades over the Internet.

How does it work? Simply plug the Speedometer Calibrator programmer into the vehicle’s under-dash connector, select the tire height and new gear ratio, and in a matter of minutes, your vehicle’s computer is reprogrammed for accurate speedometer and odometer readings (as required by law).

In addition, the Speedometer Calibrator reads and clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) or "check engine" lights. This allows you to view detailed information about your vehicles operation without having to purchase expensive diagnostic computers or scanners used by dealership technicians.

Price: $189.99

HyperTech Speedometer Calibrator


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2010-11 Camaro Jet Performance Air/Fuel Monitor

The new JET Air/Fuel Monitor is designed for the driver who wants to monitor engine efficiency and fuel mileage. The unit features a backlit LCD screen and 8 different monitoring screens to choose from including air/fuel ratio and 02 voltage. The Air/Fuel Monitor connects directly into the stock O2 sensor.  

Price: $239.99

Camaro Air Fuel Monitor



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